Why Amber?

Cars stand idle 23 hours a day

Owning a car is no fun. You pay a lot for a machine that is standing still most of the time. All these cars clutter our beautiful cities.

Amber gives you freedom

With Guaranteed Mobility there will be a car for you within a 5 minute walk, always. You can use and then leave this car anywhere within the coverage area.

Designed to be shared

The Amber One is the first car designed to be shared. Electric, long range and fast. Built for a 1.500.000 kilometer lifespan.

Amber mobility news

You can now invest in Amber!

Amber Mobility has launched a Leapfunder campaign! We will use the proceeds of this investment round to accelerate our Corporate Mobility platform, which is our first step in the roadmap towards Guaranteed Mobility. Corporate Mobility helps companies to optimize their car fleet, reduce CO2 emissions, and save on costs. How…

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XL Day Presentation

Amber Mobility is part of the HighTechXL 2016 class. On XL Day – September 22 2016 – we introduced the Amber One. The Amber One is a lightweight, long range, highway capable electric vehicle with a lifespan of 1.5 million kilometers. It is the first car specifically designed to be shared. The…

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Amber Mobility in the media

Announcing the Amber One created an enormous amount of enthusiasm, both in the XL Day arena where we presented and as well in the international media. Selection of the press coverage: TechCrunch Business Insider E52 (English edition) T3N (in German) Financieel Dagblad (Dutch) Clean Technica  

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Cars are expensive, yet we hardly use them. We pay on average 520 euro a month for a machine that is standing still 23 hours in a day. Even during rush hour, 80% of our cars are not being used. So why do we still want to own cars? Freedom!

We want to go wherever we need to and whenever we want to. We don’t want to be tied to the schedule and stops of a public transport system. And apparently we are willing to pay a of money for this.

Guaranteed Mobility

Amber is going to give you Guaranteed Mobility. We have a car ready for you when you need it, and always within walking distance. And the best thing is, this will be available for only 33 euro’s per week. We are following the trend where people pay for on demand satisfaction instead of ownership.

Out of our own research, we found out that 1 in 6 of Dutch drivers really wouldn’t want to own a car if they could get an alternative with the same benefits. That is more than 2 million early adopters, representing an available market of over 3 billion euro’s.

What are these customers going to get?

With your phone you can easily locate, unlock and start your car. And as you get in all of your personal settings are transferred over the air. So your chair is already in the right position. Your Spotify playlist starts playing right where you left of the last time. This way, you can drive YOUR car to where you need to go. Arrived at your destination? Check out and leave the car. Yes, just like that. No need to return it. You can take another car back, or the train, or drive with someone else. We offer freedom and flexibility far beyond owning a car.

What is the best type of car to share?

Cars today are built to be owned, but not to be used. It was impossible to find a car good enough for our demands and suitable for the 33 euro price point.

So we specified the car we needed. We want a lightweight, long range, highway capable electric vehicle with a lifespan of 1.5 million kilometers. We found out that this vehicle does not exist. We wondered why. In busses, trucks, airplanes a long lifespan is normal.
The Amber One is the first car built to be shared.

It is a modular car which will be easily upgradable to the latest technology. This prolongs the lifespan and therefore reduces waste.