Why Amber?

Cars stand idle 23 hours a day

Owning a car is no fun. You pay a lot for a machine that is standing still most of the time. All these cars clutter our beautiful cities.

Amber gives you freedom

With Guaranteed Mobility there will be a car for you within a 5 minute walk, always. You can use and then leave this car anywhere within the coverage area.

Designed to be shared

The Amber One is the first car designed to be shared. Electric, long range and fast. Built for a 1.500.000 kilometer lifespan.

Amber mobility news

You can now invest in Amber!

Amber Mobility has launched a Leapfunder campaign! We will use the proceeds of this investment round to accelerate our Corporate Mobility platform, which is our first step in the roadmap towards Guaranteed Mobility. Corporate Mobility helps companies to optimize their car fleet, reduce CO2 emissions, and save on costs. How…

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XL Day Presentation

Amber Mobility is part of the HighTechXL 2016 class. On XL Day – September 22 2016 – we introduced the Amber One. The Amber One is a lightweight, long range, highway capable electric vehicle with a lifespan of 1.5 million kilometers. It is the first car specifically designed to be shared. The…

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Amber Mobility in the media

Announcing the Amber One created an enormous amount of enthusiasm, both in the XL Day arena where we presented and as well in the international media. Selection of the press coverage: TechCrunch Business Insider E52 (English edition) T3N (in German) Financieel Dagblad (Dutch) Clean Technica  

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Is it possible to align what consumers want with what the world needs? We think so.

Meet Amber – the first true alternative to car ownership. We combine optimum mobility with minimal environmental impact, providing a service that’s more convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly than any other existing transportation option.


Your personal car, on demand

Amber is a fusion of Amber Mobility, an intelligent car sharing platform, with the Amber One – a modular, efficient, and customizable electric car designed specifically to be shared. Through this integration of hardware and software, Amber is able to provide a mobility solution that’s more convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly than any other existing transportation option, including car ownership.

For 33 euro per week, users gain unlimited access to a car that’s guaranteed to be within walking distance whenever and wherever they need it. With the mobile app, you can easily locate, unlock, and start your car.

Our intelligent software is what enables the fully autonomous cars to be available at the right location and time. The software uses an algorithm that incorporates predictive analytics with real-time monitoring. It integrates historical journey data and personal travel patterns with other relevant real-time information about variables such as weather, traffic conditions, road construction, and large events happening in the vicinity. The software then compares the predicted travel demand with the current car distribution to see if cars need to be moved to a given location.

Amber not only ensures that cars perform more efficiently; it makes sure they are used more efficiently.


The Amber One: a car built to be shared

Unlimited, guaranteed mobility can’t be achieved with current electric cars. Existing electric cars are built using the same design base and production techniques that have traditionally been used to produce ICE (internal combustion engine) cars.

We can’t just take a traditional ICE car and replace the engine with an electric motor and expect it to be ideal for a car sharing platform, much like we wouldn’t take a freight transport truck and drive it in a Formula One race. Knowing this, Amber has designed the Amber One from the ground-up with car sharing in mind.

So what does “built to be shared” mean, actually?

An ideal car for a car sharing platform would need to withstand heavy use on a day-to-day basis. It would need to have a long practical range and a long lifespan, with minimal need for maintenance and repairs. It would also need to be easily customizable to fit a wide range of users’ needs.

The Amber One boasts a 400-kilometer practical range and a 1.5 million kilometer lifespan. It can achieve this thanks to its modular design, light weight (700 kg), and makeup of mainly composite materials. The modular design and optimal integration of hardware and software reduce the need for repairs. The software base allows the car to diagnose itself, making maintenance and repairs easy to coordinate at a distance. The car is also fully customizable – the Amber Mobility app remembers users’ personal settings so that every car always feels like their “own”.

If users are looking for sensation, they won’t be disappointed. The Amber One can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 7 seconds, and the car is equipped with a completely customizable user interface controllable via the steering wheel.


Helping us help the environment

Being environmentally friendly often requires extra effort and cost on the consumer’s side; it’s not always easy to go green. Consumers want a mobility solution that’s convenient and flexible, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and offers an element of sensation and novelty. The planet, on the other hand, needs a mobility solution that’s efficient and environmentally-friendly. In this struggle between what consumers want and what the planet needs, Amber has found an optimum balance. Not only is Amber Mobility more flexible, convenient, and affordable than owning a car; it’s also better for the environment.