The freedom of owning a car, without the cost and hassle.

Amber is a fusion of an intelligent car-sharing platform with a modular, autonomous, and customizable electric car designed specifically to be shared. We provide guaranteed, on-demand mobility at all times and within walking distance.

''It’s possible to achieve optimum mobility with minimal environmental impact.''

Amber Mobility

For Business

On-demand, clean mobility for your employees, outsourced.

For Private Users

Your personal car, on demand.

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Amber One

Designed to be shared

- Lightweight (700 kg)
- Long-range (400 km)
- Long lifespan (1.5M km)
- Modular design
- Customizable

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Value drivers


Guaranteed mobility whenever and wherever you need it.


Instead of owning a car at an average cost of 520 euro per month, private users pay just 33 euro per week for Amber Mobility.


We align what consumers want with what the world needs.


From intense acceleration speeds to an interactive user interface, user experience is everything.