No more kilometer declarations, parking shortages and no more greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, you get to save money in the process.






All your employees. One simple monthly subscription.

Pay per use

12 €

per hour

Monthly plan

120 €

per month

10 hours included
additional time: 8€/hour

Hours are calculated based on the amount of time your reserved car is away from a hub.

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“Amber Mobility and its future roadmap are very much aligned with our new mobility policy. So much so that we joined in as launching customer.”

Patrick van Duijnhoven

Director Commercial Clients ABN AMRO

The process

What do I need to do as a company?

Step 1

Decide which office location(s) will participate

Step 2

Choose employees to participate

Step 3

(If necessary) Facilitate parking spots for Amber

Step 4

What if I need insight into my current mobility policies and practices first?

Amber Analytics

What is Amber Analytics?

We analyze your employees’ mobility patterns and provides you with a comprehensive report that identifies how you can improve your corporate mobility. For example, we can help you to determine the exact number of lease cars needed, identify which journeys could be “shared”, learn how to reduce CO2 emissions, and optimize on efficiency, including car and parking availability.

1. Preparation

We get to know your company and your employees get to know us.

2. Tracking & Analysis

We continuously gather and analyze data from GPS trackers in employee cars.

3. Optimization report

We present our findings in an easy-to-read report.

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