Get access to on-demand, affordable electric mobility for your employees.

How it works

We station a fleet of electric BMW i3’s at your office location. Through the Amber app, employees can gain on-demand access to the cars for internal business travel. Using our intelligent software algorithm, we can predict exactly when and where cars will be needed. 

Outsourced means outsourced. After connecting us with your employees, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let us do the work.

Intelligent software

Our software algorithm incorporates predictive analytics with real-time monitoring to match supply with demand. This way, we can ensure that all app users will have a car available when they need it.

Automated driving

Amber is working with development partners TomTom, KPN, TNO, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and the local Dutch municipalities of Eindhoven and Helmond to be the first in the world to implement self-driving cars for large-scale commercial use by mid-2018. Companies using the Amber Mobility service will be the first to benefit from this new technology.

More information

“Amber Mobility and its future roadmap are very much aligned with our new mobility policy. So much so that we joined in as launching customer.”

– Frans Cuppen, General Manager Commercial Clients ABN Amro

Value drivers


Not only do we help you reduce your CO2 emissions – we also help solve parking shortage issues.


Less hassle for you, and a better service for your employees


Reduce your fleet size by up to 75%

Not sure how efficient your current mobility is? We can provide valuable mobility data insight via Amber Analytics.

Private Users

Your personal car, on demand.

For 33 euro per week, users gain access to a car at all times and within walking distance, via the Amber mobile app. Arrived at your destination? There’s no need to return the car - it can drive itself to the next user.

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